Where to Find the Best Travel News

Travel news and reviews are an essential component of planning any trip abroad. The right news at the right time can make or break an international holiday. With all the information available, how do you decide what is important? The following tips provide some useful guidelines.

Reporters on the ground – It’s possible to get local news from visiting areas but, for the most part, the vast majority of news will come from reporters who are based in major cities. You’ll find a few exceptions such as the Financial Times, which will send you breaking news direct from their headquarters in London. You will also find outlets based in New York and Paris that send out internationally acclaimed and best-selling books and magazines. Often these are more reliable than even the main wire services.

Online travel – If you are looking for a good cross cultural experience, try checking out travel blogs, which are essentially blogs that discuss travel as well as some insider knowledge. These are great because you can learn about new places and new attractions before they become popular destinations. Keep in mind that some blogs are less than this. Also, look for travel news that mentions major hotels, airports, and other important aspects of your planned trip.

Travel sections – Many major newspapers and magazines have travel sections that provide up to date news about everything to do with traveling. These often include reviews and recommendations. It is worth reading these travel sections ahead of time if you are planning a trip. You can use them as research tools and compile useful data. If you are booking through a travel agent, the travel news provided should be a selling point to reel in the clientele.

Your own personal blog – If you are a travel writer then you should look out for travel news about the places you have been to and things you plan to go to. This provides a wonderful window into not only the destination but the people and culture of that locale. If you’re not a travel writer then make a point of making a daily post about something you have seen and experienced in your travels.

Websites offer a wealth of information on travel. Some of the best websites offer free daily updates. Other websites offer daily updates for a flat fee. The prices vary depending on what features you choose for your subscription. The best websites offer travel news updates from all over the world so you’ll never miss a beat.