Travel News – 5 October 1921

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Travel News – 5 October 1921

Travel news is one of the key features which attract people to travel destinations. As we all know, most of us cannot afford to get stuck in a crowded and dreadful hotel and neither do we like to stay at a place where we do not feel comfortable. The travel news helps people to keep an eye on all kinds of developments that take place in the travel industry. There are some major issues which affect the industry like outbreak of a new disease or terrorist attack etc.

The September 29th issue of People’s Daily Online (PDO) carried an interesting article about the Chinese authorities banning five luxury hotels. The article reported that in this red list of the luxurious hotels that had closed down recently were those in Huilin, Yunnan, Yangshuo, Xining, and Ganzhou. This list was chosen from the hotels in the four cities that have most recently registered negative reviews on Chinese social networking websites. Some of the most popular names on the list include the Victoria Falls Hotel in Hunan; Le Meridien Garden Park Hotel in Xining; Yuanyang Hotel in Yangshuo; and the Victoria Falls Hotel in Huilin.

The reasons given for the closure of these five hotels was that they had not registered any complaints regarding their service. The comments on the sites pointed out that although the staff of the hotel had been trained, the guests had shown no regard for these services. For this reason, the local government found it necessary to take this matter into consideration and ban all such luxurious hotels from next year.

The report also indicated that the reason behind the decision to ban the five luxury hotels was the British Council report that it had conducted. The report found that 90 percent of the travelers surveyed had voiced dissatisfaction with some aspects of the hospitality of their hotels. Among the most cited issues were dirty rooms, long hours of wait for rooms, poor food, and lack of activities or clubs. The report further stated that all these complaints had been individually checked by the owners or operators and it was clear that these were the problem. Therefore, the next year there will be a limit of one percent vat rate charged on each room per night for the entire resort.

There are many hotels in the area and many of them are still on the pre-booking lists. However, the decision to suspend the operation for the next year is a serious one. It will definitely have a significant impact on the market as most of the visitors to these properties will find it difficult to book rooms as normal. The five star hotels which are still on the market will continue to operate in an affected manner since the booking system will be unaffected. The indirect hit on tourism is still unknown though the immediate impact will be a few percent on average on per cent vat rate.

This is the second time in less than a year that a famous celebrity has died. Earlier in August, there was news that David Bowie had passed away. One of the major victims of this death was his close friend, front woman, heroin addiction doctor, Rachel Johnson. For the people of Cyprus who love celebrities, this news is definitely bad news as they will now be looking for a new hero to root for. The immediate effect of the suspension on tourism in Cyprus is positive but the longer term effects of this decision will have a major impact on the economy.