Geauga Lake Music and Arts Festival News

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Listening to the local lowell folk festival on your iPhone or iPod? Music lovers who visit your area for the annual Lowell Folk Festival enjoy performances by well-known musicians and groups along with workshops, interactive learning and events featuring children and arts. This year, we are thrilled to celebrate our 30th year of producing the Lowell Folk Festival in our community with our partner organizations in the area. Subscribe today to get breaking music news and festival events in your zip code.

If you’re interested in the future of the world’s smallest town, Finchesburg, Virginia, there’s good news! The City of Finchesburg, Virginia is preparing to host the upcoming 1922 Finchesburg Park Festival. Join us in welcoming Geauga Lake as we celebrate our hometown’s rich heritage with music, food, tents, fireworks, and more! Details and registration information can be found below.

From May through October, Geauga Lake will be hosting the largest Lowell Folk Festival. Tickets to the festival can be purchased at our website or through the Geauga Lake Company. In addition to Lowell Folk Festival performances by local artists and bands, the festival will feature educational programs and events focusing on the history of Lowell. For example, participants will have the opportunity to tour the historic Scott Farm in remembrance of our forefathers, a reconstruction of the original Scott farmhouse, an evening of free soul food at the Meeks Park Restaurant, and an art showcase at the Finchesburg Community Theater. Other musical entertainment can be found at the adjacent downtown bars and restaurants.

Our producing partners for the 1922 Geauga Lake Music and Arts Festival include: Theanza Entertainment, LLC; WMC Advertising; TK Media; Inc.; and WMC Advertising, LLC. To learn more about the future of Geauga Lake, Virginia, visit the official website at Geauga Lakeside Festivals. You’ll also find many additional information about Lowell Folk Festival events, concerts, and festivals throughout Vinton County.

Finchesburg, Virginia, is located on the Eastern Shore of the beautiful Virginia Beach. We are home to over a hundred years of history and a diverse arts community. This year’s Lowell Festival will celebrate the rich heritage of the arts in this beautiful town. Our producing partners are excited to bring back the classic Lowell festivals – music, food, crafts, films, dance, and family fun – that have made Lowell one of the most beloved destinations in the tri-state area. Visit our website often to get news alerts about music and arts events in Lowell and other Virginia Beach communities. Our combined efforts will produce one of the best Lowell festivals in years.