Dhaka – A City Full of Forts, mosques and Monuments

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Dhaka – A City Full of Forts, mosques and Monuments

The recent travel ban in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries has caused a sensation all over the world with the issue of the travel news, especially Arabic language newspapers. Many have lost out on sources of information that have always been a must in today’s fast paced and very competitive world. In this article I look at the Arab language newspaper, which is the most widely circulated and read travel and tourism news.

Most of the major cities in and around the country of Bangladesh have been hit by the recent travel ban. One of the worst hit areas has been the famous City of Dhaka which is home to millions of people from various nationalities and walks of life. There are numerous historic monuments and buildings in the city and they form a big attraction for the tourists. Among the many attractions and places of interest one of the most visited and enjoyable part of Dhaka is the Jama Masjid which is the main mosque in the city.

Many of the tourists and visitors from all over the world fly to Dhaka and take a comfortable journey to the centre of the country. The capital city of Bangladesh is home to some of the best airport facilities and cheap flights and discounted hotel rates make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. The main airport in the country is in Dhaka and the second airport is located in the city of Coxwell. Both these airports are well connected to other parts of India and can be easily reached when required. The cheapest flights to Dhaka are usually offered from the major cities of India as well as from the major destinations in south Asia.

According to my research, there are six international airports in Dhaka. These are the Kolkata International Airport, the Hyderabad International Airport, the Banjara Lake International Airport, the Kozhikode International Airport and the Bhubaneswar International Airport. These airports are well connected with all parts of India and you can reach your destination quite easily by taking a train or a bus. There are also a number of transportation means from the airport including taxis and cars.

While going for a holiday in Bangladesh, you should first plan out your itinerary and then select a suitable tour package. If you cannot decide on which tour package to buy, then you can simply search for travel news related to Dhaka. The travel news related to this city will give you a clear idea about what to expect during your stay here and what to avoid. You will find out more about the best tourist attractions in and around Dhaka and will also learn about the best transport means available in and around the city.

The travel news is an excellent source of information and a great way to learn more about the various travel packages available and the transport means used during your travel. There are many travel related blogs as well which can help you plan your entire trip more efficiently. You will not only get to know more about traveling in Dhaka but will also get to know more about local traditions. It is also possible that the travel news will tell you about festival events, latest news and weather forecasts. The travel news will let you in on important travel tips and therefore will prove to be beneficial for holiday makers planning their trips to Dhaka.